Returning Beginners

Returning Beginners

Returning Beginners – Learn to Throw 6 week course


next course dates: TBA

Have you recently completed 4 learn to throw beginners classes and are craving more? OR you’ve been dabbling on the wheel and really love it & you’re hooked – AND you think 6 weeks of throwing, trimming & glazing is the ideal way to spend your Friday night – then this course might just be for you! Enhance your throwing skills, gain knowledge on different techniques, practice, observe, and push yourself a little further. Please note, It is expected that you are able to center 500 grams of clay and comfortably throw a straight cylinder. If you haven’t mastered the cylinder yet – check out our 4 beginner learn to throw classes, please click here for more info and to book a beginners session.

During this Returning Beginners 6 class course, we will focus on:

◦ correcting any bad habits 

◦ how to wedge (preparing your clay for throwing) and exploring different types of clay bodies

◦ how to recycle your clay scraps

◦ throwing larger vessels 1-2kg

◦ throwing enclosed forms and jars with lids

◦ How to use the slab roller

◦ Glazing techniques – applying underglaze, slip, sgraffito and mishima


$462 for 6 Classes, 3hrs each class. ($70+gst per class) Price includes use of all tools, equipment, glazes & firings. PLUS You will also receive your own full bag of clay to use in the course – Walkers White Earthenware 10kgs. Course includes kiln firings of up to 8 pieces. Additional pieces will be charged at $2.50 per piece / per firing.


Important – this is a set 6 week course, with a structured program running each night. (Unlike the beginners classes where everyone is at different stage). See below ‘class schedule’ tab to check out what we will be doing each night.

** Next Course Start Date To Be Advised.

To Book Online See ‘HOW TO BOOK’ tab below.


Home based studio (garage)
39b Clifton Road, Clifton Beach QLD 4879 – House in Middle

Location & Parking

39b Clifton Road, Clifton Beach.

Workshops are run out of my home garage. When you arrive you’ll notice it is a shared driveway with three houses using the same driveway. I am the house in the middle.  You are welcome to drive all the way down the driveway (Please don’t park along the actual driveway or block access for our neighbours to get out).

If you drive down the driveway, PLEASE DRIVE ALL THE WAY AROUND THE TURNING CIRCLE & PARK ON OUR DRIVEWAY IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE or on the Grassy Area in Backyard. Please don’t stop midway in the entryway, other cars can’t fit behind you if you stop short and then their car blocks the entry. If you need to leave early, please park out on the street and walk down so we don’t have to shuffle cars around.

Class Schedule

It takes 6 sessions to complete the Returning Beginners Learn to Throw Course.  Below is a  guide on what to expect, however pottery is self paced, so I encourage you to take your time and enjoy the process. Please keep in mind these classes are set, if you miss a class you wont be able to make it up.

  • Class 1: An introduction to different clay bodies, wedging and weighing your clay. Throwing slightly larger forms 500g – 1kg.

  • Class 2: Turning/Trimming – trim your pieces from week one. Lets perfect those pesty handles.

  • Class 3: Go big or go home. Learn to throw larger vessels 1-2kg. Large Bowls and closed forms, jars with lids.

  • Class 4: Turning/Trimming – trim your pieces from week 3.

  • Class 5: Intro to the Slab Roller & Glazing Techniques – applying underglaze, slip, sgraffito & mishima.

  • Class 6: Glazing your bisque pieces.

Clay used

Each person enrolled in the Returning Beginners course will receive ONE full bag of Walkers White Earthenware.

How many people in each class

There are 8 pottery wheels, however each session has 1 wheel reserved for me to demonstrate on, so maximum 7 people in the Returning Beginners Wheel Throwing course. 

What to bring / What NOT to bring

  • Wear comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Don’t bring or wear a watch, rings or bracelets. It is best to keep your arms bare from elbows down.
  • Keep your fingernails short. False or acrylic nails won’t make it easy, the shorter the better.
  • A hair tie or headband or cap if you have long hair to keep hair out of your face while you’re bent over the wheel.
  • You are welcome to bring any of your own tools if you have them (marked with your name), but not necessary as all items will be supplied.
  • Bring a jumper or long sleeve T-shirt (in winter months), it can get cool in the studio as we sit outside, especially night classes and your hands will be in water most of the class.
  • There is Tea & Coffee available.
  • There is cold water, however most people like to bring their own water bottle or snacks.
  • BYO sparkly beverages!

Can Children Attend Classes?

No sorry, children cannot attend the beginner wheel throwing classes – but click here for more information on our KIDS POTTERY CLASSES page!

How to Book

FIRST: ** If you haven’t booked with us before you will need to click onto the ‘Create an Account’ button below, it will turn blue when you click on it, then fill out your details, name, email, etc. and then click the smaller ‘register’ button underneath. The screen will refresh/reload once you have logged in.

If you have booked a class with us before you need to click onto the ‘Login’ blue button first, enter your details and then click the smaller ‘login’ button underneath.

SECOND: Scroll the calendar arrows until you get to the first start date, for the next course it is June 10. Click on the darker blue box Returning Beginners Learn to Throw 6 Week Course. When you click on the box, the course you have selected will appear listed below the calendar. The small number on the calendar indicates how many spaces are left available in the course. If the box is a lighter shade & it has a zero ‘0’ it means the course is fully booked and you won’t be able to click on it.

THIRD: Scroll down under the calendar select how many people are coming, a participant box will appear so you can write first name of each person who will be attending. Then click ‘Book Now’.

FOURTH: A message will appear, then click onto ‘View Cart’. On the cart page, check your booking, scroll to bottom then click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.


  • It won’t let me click on the time or add a session to my cart? – The course may be full already. Full courses wont let you add to cart. Check the tiny number to see how many spaces are available. Zero ‘0’ means the course is full.
  • I can’t see my Cart? – If you’ve added the course and clicked ‘Book Now’ but you can’t see it in your Cart, click up the top main menu > My Account > My Cart.
  • My booking’s not in my cart? If you’ve clicked Book Now but your booking is not in your cart you may need to refresh your browser or clear your cache, or go back to the top main menu > My Account > My Cart. OR the class might be full already! It won’t let you add to cart if the session is full already.
  • Still not working? *Samsung devices tend to have issues. But if you’re not on a Samsung and it’s still not working – please try a different device or try on a desktop computer.
  • Really – It’s Still not working If you’ve tried all of the above and it’s still not working. Send me an EMAIL with your contact details, full name, phone, email, address, and how many people you would like to book in, which course, and the dates you would like to book, and I can book it for you. Please don’t text, DM, instagram or facebook message, I lose those messages quickly and I’ll forget to book you in.

STudio rules

  • PLEASE DON’T COME TOO EARLY.No more than 5 mins before a session starts please.
  • PLEASE DRIVE ALL THE WAY AROUND THE ROUND ABOUT & PARK ON THE ROUNDABOUT or in the Backyard. See above map of where to park.
  • Apron, Towel & Tools are provided for the Returning Beginners Learn to Throw Course. If you would like to continue coming to pottery after the 6 beginner classes, please read the Studio Rules on the Wheel Time & Studio Time Pages as you need to bring your own supplies.
  • BRING A BOX at the end of your 4 classes to take any completed pieces home with you.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! If you would like to discuss anything with me or have a suggestion of what you would like to see happen here, or any ideas, or if you’re not happy about something – Please let me know, I want to hear your feedback!

Thanks so much for your support and co-operation for for making our small potting community so wonderful!

Everyone is creating such great work & I can’t wait to see what you make next!

Light Blue = Beginners Learn to Throw Classes – Start with these classes (Click here for more info)

Dark Blue = Returning Beginners 6 WEEK COURSE

Green = Wheel Time (Click here for more info)

Orange = Studio Time (Click here for more info)

Purple = Kids Classes (Click here for more info)

Please Note: The small number indicates how many spaces are left available in each time slot. If the box is a lighter shade & it has a zero ‘0’ it means the class is fully booked and you won’t be able to click on it. Click on the ‘How to Book’ tab above for instructions.

** Next Returning Beginners 6 Week Course Date TBA. **

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