Thank you for your interest in placing a wholesale order.

I am a small batch potter, and I cannot churn out large volumes like a production potter can. As such I can only offer a 30% discounted rates for orders of 10 or more on mugs or travel cups, and 20% discount on all other items.

Sorry – no custom design orders. Any orders placed with me must be from either my current selection which you can see online or be within the general style, colour range and general aesthetic scope of my pottery designs and be in my style.

Eg. you can order any style item on my website in any colour glaze you see on my site, so if you like a design but would like it in a different colour it’s usually not a problem at all, provided I have that colour glaze. Let me know and I’ll see what I can do. However, I cannot take orders for new designs I don’t have displayed, or for new glaze colours that I don’t have. There is a lot of testing, trial and error involved which can take many weeks to perfect.

Thank you, I appreciate your support & interest!

Please contact me direct if you would like to discuss placing a wholesale order.