Mug White & Gold Floral Sunshine


Hand thrown, carved, glazed and fired – 3 times! This beautiful White & Gold Floral Sunshine Stoneware Mug will warm your heart & your soul every time you use it.

Please note: Because of the decorative Gold lustre, this mug cannot be placed in a microwave or dishwasher. To keep this piece at it’s very best, I recommend hand wash only.


order today - approx. 3 weeks to be hand made.

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As each piece is hand crafted, slight variations in shape and glaze will always occur. Whilst these pieces are all thrown and shaped to the same specifications, by the very nature of the way in which they are glazed, the piece you receive will be uniquely individual.

100% Australian – Hand Crafted in Clifton Beach, Far North Queensland Australia. To keep this piece at it’s very best, I always recommend hand wash only.

Please allow approx. 3 weeks for custom orders to be hand made especially for you!

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

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