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Beginner Learn to Throw Pottery Classes


Come along and learn to throw on the pottery wheel, make your own dinnerware, design, paint & glaze your very own pot. Be prepared to get messy, meet new friends, have a few laughs and best of all – over time and a few classes under your belt, you’ll be hooked and will thoroughly enjoy using your very own unique hand made clay creations!


$70 for one 3hr class. A great way to try wheel throwing and see if you like it before committing to a full course. Please note if you book just one class you won’t get to take a completed piece home with you, but you will still have a lot of fun learning!


$250 for 4 Classes (save $30 when booked at once). Price includes use of all tools, equipment, clay, glazes & firings. You will take up to 8 completed pieces home with you after your 4th class. See class schedule below on what’s involved in your 4 classes.


There is no start date, you can start any time as everyone is at different stages. Classes are run every Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays during school terms.

MONDAY 1-4pm & 6-9pm
THURSDAY 1-4pm & 6-9pm
SATURDAY 9am-12pm & 1-4pm

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Home based studio (garage)
39b Clifton Road, Clifton Beach QLD 4879 – House in Middle

Location & Parking

39b Clifton Road, Clifton Beach.

Workshops are run out of my home garage. When you arrive you’ll notice it is a shared driveway with three houses using the same driveway. I am the house in the middle.  You are welcome to drive all the way down the driveway and there is plenty of room to park in front of my garage or on the grass in the back yard. (Please don’t park along the actual driveway or block access for the neighbours to get out).

Class Schedule

It takes 4 classes to complete a piece from scratch to completion.  Below is a  guide on what to expect, however pottery is self paced, so I encourage you to take your time and enjoy the process. Please keep in mind if you book just one class only you won’t be able to take a completed fired piece home with you. You are welcome to take your green (un-fired) pieces of pottery home with you, or book another session at a later date to continue on with classes and finish your pieces.

A Maximum of 8 pieces will be fired per person,  so you can practice making as many pieces as you like in the time frame, however only your best 8 pieces will be fired and glazed, the rest will be recycled.

  • Class 1: Learn the basics of throwing on the pottery wheel: centering & pulling.  Practice pulling cylinders.

  • Class 2: Throwing – keep on practicing, practice, practice & throw your first pot, a bowl or small vase on the pottery wheel.

  • Class 3: Trimming – trim your pots, carve or decorate, add handles to mugs, make your mark & shape your bottoms. Your pots will have it’s first bisque firing in the kiln after it has been trimmed and has been left to become fully bone dry. A Maximum of 8 pieces will be fired, so keep your best 8 and we will recycle the rest.

  • Class 4: Hand paint & apply glazes to your bisque fired pots. Your pot will then have a second firing in the kiln and you can return to collect your finished pieces at a later date.

What you’ll make

Initially we will be centering and pulling cylinders. Beginners will start with a bowl and/or vase, and & may continue to make a mug, and pull and attach your own handles.

You can make whatever your heart desires…. Bowls, vases, mugs, plates, candle holders, jars, dinnerware…  Come along and create what you like, enjoy spending time with new friends who have a passion for pottery.

Number of pieces you will make

A maximum of 8 pottery pieces will be fired and glazed per person, per 4 class block. If you have booked 1 class only, you won’t be able to take any completed pieces home, however you will still have fun practicing. During the 4 class beginners sessions, you are welcome to throw as many pieces as you like while you are practicing, however only your best 8 pieces will be fired & glazed, the rest will be recycled. & yes once you have completed 4 beginner classes you can take your finished pottery pieces home!

Clay used

Feeneys White School Clay is used for beginner classes. The clay is grey when green (raw un-fired) while you’re throwing on the wheel, and once it has had it’s first bisque fire the clay will turn white. It is also slightly coarse and the easiest to throw with. All of the clay used in our studio is Mid Fire Cone 6 (fired to 1220 degrees Celsius).

How many people in each class

There are 8 pottery wheels, however each session has 4 wheels reserved for beginner classes and 3 are reserved for Wheel Time students and 1 is for me to demonstrate on.  If you have a large group or would like to have more than 4 people in a beginners class together, please contact me and we can organise a separate time for your group booking max 7 people.

Group bookings

Have a group? Hens Party? Girls Weekend? Family Reunion? School Group? Office team building? Yes absolutely no problem. Contact me direct and we can schedule your own private group session. Group bookings are maximum 7 people.

What to bring / What NOT to bring

  • Wear comfy clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Don’t bring or wear a watch, rings or bracelets. It is best to keep your arms bare from elbows down.
  • Keep your fingernails short. False or acrylic nails are OK but they won’t make it easy, the shorter the better.
  • A hair tie or headband or cap if you have long hair to keep hair out of your face while you’re bent over the wheel.
  • You are welcome to bring any of your own tools if you have them (marked with your name), but not necessary as all items will be supplied.
  • Bring a jumper or long sleeve T-shirt (in winter months), it can get cool in the studio, especially night classes and your hands will be in water most of the class.

Can Children Attend Classes?

No, Sorry. Not at this stage. This is an adult beginners potters group, so no children under 16yrs. Check out Coffee & Clay at Yungaburra, they run excellent children’s pottery painting workshops.

How to Book

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Highly Recommend that you ‘Create an Account’ if you don’t already have one. By creating an account you can log back in at any time and make changes or reschedule your booking if required.  If you don’t create an account you won’t be able to make any changes to your booking.

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Classes are on Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays only, so the calendar only shows these 3 days each week. Use arrow to scroll to up-coming weeks.

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