Pottery Wheel Time Clifton Beach – Cairns

Pottery Wheel Time


Pottery Wheel Time is for those who have already completed the Beginners Learn to Throw Pottery Classes and would like to continue making pottery. If you have not completed the Beginners Class please click here for more information and to book a beginners class.

Wheel Time is for either time on the Pottery Wheel or time in the Studio only – it does not include any materials or tutorials or instruction.  You are free to hop on a wheel and create whatever you like, or spend time in the studio trimming, hand building or glazing your pots.  All Pottery wheels, tools and equipment must be left clean.

Book NOW! Click on a Wheel Time session (green) in calendar at bottom of page to reserve a wheel.

Wheel Time Cost: $30 per 3hr Wheel Time session.  Price includes use of all tools and use of a pottery wheel.  It does not include the cost of clay or firings. (see additional prices below).

Please Bring:

  • Apron
  • Towel
  • Lidded Container – If you would like to recycle your own slops – (ice cream container good) not necessary if you don’t want to recycle your leftovers.
  • Styrofoam box – If you can get one.  Handy to store your pieces in between classes & stops them drying out too fast. 

Additional Costs

Clay: $35 – $50 per bag. 

Please Note: you are welcome to purchase your own clay elsewhere, however only Mid-fire Cone 6 clay will be fired in our kiln. If you have purchased your own clay elsewhere I will need to inspect the bag to see if it is suitable to be fired in our kiln.


Firings & Glazes: $2.50 per firing.  Eg. your pot will need to be fired twice, so $2.50 for the bisque fire PLUS $2.50 for the glaze fire = $5.00 per completed pot. Cover your pot in whichever glaze you like, glazes are included in the firing costs.

Important: Rescheduling & Cancellations

Bookings cannot be rescheduled within 24hrs. If you cannot make a class within 24hrs of your booking you will forfeit your spot & lose your money. Sorry – no rescheduling or refunds for ‘no shows’ or last minute cancellations within 24hrs.

Please do not text or email to Reschedule or Cancel a booking at last minute. You must log into your account to reschedule. Log In. Click onto ‘Bookings’ left hand side, then click onto the ‘Reschedule’ or ‘Cancel’ button. If there is no button you may have left it too late, the reschedule & cancel button will automatically vanish 24hrs before your scheduled class.

But Why? Sorry – but unfortunately I have had too many people reschedule or cancel at last minute which costs time & money. I cannot afford to hold a place or block the calendar for someone who doesn’t show. We’ve got a great little potting community and I hate it when people miss out on a spot because the class is full and they can’t get in. So unfortunately by canceling at last minute it ruins the night for everyone. If you’re not sure whether you can make a class, please don’t book in the first place. Please wait until you’re 100% sure that you can make it before you book any spot and block it on the calendar for anyone else.

Thanks so much for your understanding!

Blue = Beginner Learn to Throw Classes (Click here for more info on Beginner Classes)

Green = Wheel Time

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