Paint a Pot

Paint a Pot


Enjoy a relaxing session painting a ceramic bisque piece with friends. Choose from our selection of figurines, ornaments, plates and vases. Remember to BYO sparkly drinks & snacks for an extra fun session!

$33 per 3hr session

Cost is $30+gst per person for the Studio Time Session + PLUS the cost of the bisque piece (see below).

Book a Studio Time session online (ORANGE on calendar), and select & pay for your bisque piece when you get here. Bisque Pieces range between $5 – $80.

+$5-$80 per bisque piece

Book a Studio Time or Wheel Time session online (GREEN on calendar), and select & pay for your bisque piece when you get here. Bisque Pieces range between $5 – $80.

Bisque prices are listed on our website and also marked on each piece. The price you see marked on the bisque piece INCLUDES the cost of Kiln Firings & use of all Underglazes & Glazes.

Click Here to View a sample of Bisque Pieces available.

Studio Rules

  • PLEASE DON’T COME TOO EARLY.No more than 5 mins before a session starts please.
  • PLEASE DRIVE ALL THE WAY AROUND THE TURNING CIRCLE & PARK ON THE DRIVEWAY OR continue to BACKYARD GRASS AREA. Please don’t drive straight in and stop midway, other cars can’t fit behind you if you stop short and then their car blocks the entry. Please drive all the way around the turning circle and park on the driveway, so you can drive out when it’s time to leave. If there is space in front of the garage you can park there, but if two cars are there already, don’t stop behind them, continue around the turning circle and park on the driveway.  That way you don’t have to maneuver a 3 point turn or reverse to exit.  If you need to leave early, please park on the street and walk down so we don’t have to shuffle cars around.
  • Please remember to bring your own APRON & TOWEL. With a few changes to the timetable and more sessions now available every week, wheel time sessions mostly come straight after beginner sessions so there WONT be any aprons or towels available for Wheel Time or Studio Time sessions anymore.  Aprons & Towels are reserved for beginner throwing classes only.
  • Please bring a LIDDED CONTAINER if you would like to reclaim your own clay.
  • At the end of each session please CLEAN your area & tools & put the tools back in place where you found them.
  • Please make sure to PUT YOUR CLAY AWAY or take it home with you.
  • At the end of your session you need to COVER YOUR OWN POTS and put them away or take them home with you in your own box.
  • If you have trouble covering your pots, you need to put them in a Styrofoam container or bring a big box with newspaper for lining or cushioning if you’re taking home with you.
  • Please DON’T use the round bats to store your pots on, these are for throwing on the pottery wheel only. Large pots can stay on the round bats but only if absolutely essential and only if you really can’t move them, otherwise they need to be transferred into your box or onto the timber rectangle boards so they fit on the shelf. If you cant find space on the shelf you will need to take your pots home with you and bring back next session.
  • BRING A BOX to take any completed pieces or work in progress home with you.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! If you would like to discuss anything with me or have a suggestion of what you would like to see happen here, or any ideas, or if you’re not happy about something – Let’s chat – I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks so much for your support and co-operation for for making our small potting community so wonderful!

Everyone is creating such great work & I can’t wait to see what you make next!

Bookings Essential: Spaces are limited

Light Blue = Beginners Learn to Throw Classes – Start with these classes (Click here for more info)

Dark Blue = Returning Beginners 6 WEEK COURSE (Click here for more info)

Green = Wheel Time (Click here for more info)

Orange = Studio Time (Click here for more info)

Purple = Kids Classes (Click here for more info)

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